I love the course, very motivating and rewarding. - Jessica-


Best language course ever, excellent quality and lot of support, seems effortless, feel confident to recommend this course, fun to learn. -Anne-


Rita was able to empathize with the students' difficulties, give direction and perspective on what was being taught, and most importantly, made the learning fun and uncomplicated. -Fahad-


Rita has a different method of teaching which I liked al lot because was more fun. I learned more useful words while we were playing games. -Mona-


I have taken 30h of group lessons with Rita and she has used an innovative, effective and fun approach to her teaching. She is able to meet different learning styles and abilities as well as to provide a cultural aspect to the language learning. -Samantha-


I am myself a language teacher and find Rita inspiring and deeply committed to the advancement of the Arabic language by non-native speakers. She is punctual, flexible and attentive to individual needs and has enabled me to learn not only with ease, but also with a lot of pleasure. Rita’s teaching methods and style have pushed me beyond the scope of what I thought was possible in such a short time. In only a few short weeks and with no previous Arabic language experience, I am now able to converse in Arabic and use simple sentences in past, present and future tenses. Rita has given me the confidence to approach native speakers by conducting various exams in real life situtations as well as building up a wealth of audio material herself every week and organising practice phonecalls tailored to each lesson. -Sylvie-


Rita is an inspiring teacher who exhibits a great love of language and learning. She is an absolute delight to work with. Her teaching methods are among the most effective I have experienced. She presents a varied curriculum that is both interesting and exciting... -Paul-