About us


About The Founder

Founded by Lebanese native Rita Hamaoui, Modern CASL is a culmination of 20 years teaching experience and a by-product of a research study for her Master’s thesis in the Education program at Middlesex University.

A trained and licensed instructor in the UAE since 2009, Rita brings with her a wealth of academic excellence and proven record of teaching and training. Above all Rita is a keen believer in teaching through motivating, fueled by innovative and creative approaches to education.



Our Methodology

Modern CASL is a contemporary and unique Arabic language course to help non-native Arabic speakers acquire an intermediate Spoken Arabic (the closer possible to MSA) in a communicative approach.

The curriculum is subject-specific and has learner-oriented objectives where content and methodology meet to provide an exceptional learning experience for the learner which focuses on helping them gain the communicative and linguistic skills they need to carry out real-world tasks.

Why Choose us?

If your type of work includes contact with Arabs, knowledge of Arabic can facilitate your work and improve relations between yourself and your clients. Living in a country without being able to understand its language, can be frustrating.

With our courses you will gain competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension, while developing knowledge and understanding of the Arab World.

Who Can Benefit?

  • A private company who, as part of your corporate training strategy, are looking to equip your staff with additional language skills to further your business development.

  • A Public entity who needs to develop Arabic or other communication skills with your non-Arabic staff.

  • A language institute, school and university who requires Arabic and other language courses for your students.