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Who We Are

Modern CASL is a language provider specialised in offering Arabic courses, ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels aimed at working professionals and expatriates living in the UAE. Rather than adopting the traditional curriculum to teaching the language,
Modern CASL helps students achieve near-native proficiency in contemporary Arabic by studying its cultural and historical context.

What We Offer

The business culture in the Arab World is built around personal relationships of mutual trust, as such knowledge of Arabic can be instrumental in fostering deeper business relations. At Modern CASL, we offer a unique Arabic course aimed at helping you master Arabic conversationally, but at the same time gain an insight on the culture and thinking patterns of Arabic customs through the language.

Learn Arabic The Right Way

"Why is it important to learn Arabic with Moderncasl?" While Arabic is a language deep-rooted in traditions and equally its rich linguistic heritage, what most people want out of it is the ability to casually order shawarma or a bottle of water and not feel out of place. By converging a mix of dialects, ModernCasl provides an easy yet effective way to master a universally spoken Arabic.